What’s Not Working  (The Desire Map Live Launch Day 2)

The Desire Map Live Launch Day 2: Our podcast and online platform are colliding with the live launch of our newest course: The Desire Map, with Danielle LaPorte. The central teaching of the Desire Map is about discovering your Core Desired Feelings - how you want to feel most of the time—your most preferred states of being. Every day until May 24th, we’ll be sharing sections from the course on the podcast. 

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The Desire Map (Live Launch Day 1)

Our podcast and online platform are colliding with the live launch of our newest course: The Desire Map with Danielle LaPorte. The Desire Map helps you discover your Core Desired Feelings: how you want to feel most of the time, your most preferred states of being. For the next five days, we’ll be sharing sections from the course on the podcast, starting with today’s episode introducing The Desire Map process. 

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The Heart as Your Power Source

We know our emotions greatly effect our overall wellbeing, but we aren't always in touch with our heart's true desires. Enter Danielle LaPorte - a poet, speaker, author and creator of The Desire Map, a project that's core teaching is about identifying our most preferred states of being. Tune in for this intimate conversation about Danielle's personal journey, and get some spiritual perspective on what it means to move and live from the heart.
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On Mothering Daughters

In this special Mother's Day episode, guest host and "Commune muse" Schuyler Grant interviews her three daughters (ages 9, 11, and 14) on motherhood. Consider this your extra sassy insight into the Commune family.

Beyond Recovery with Tommy Rosen

The drug and opioid epidemic in America is no secret, with addiction hitting close to home for so many of us. In today’s episode we talk with addiction recovery expert, Tommy Rosen about a more holistic approach to long-term recovery. 

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Combating Stress with Brendon Burchard

Learning to manage stress and stop overwhelm might feel impossible, but with the right tools you can foster a dramatically healthier mindset  improve your psychological and physical health. Brendon Burchard is a world-renowned high performance coach, and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. In today's episode, we share a lecture on managing stress from his course: The Wellness Master Class. Get ready to take some notes, because if you let it, this lecture might just be the push you need to get your overwhelm under control. 

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Into The Ice with Wim Hof

Get ready for an ice bath! Cold exposure is not only good training for the mind, but also has incredible health benefits on a cellular level. Meet Wim Hof, aka The Ice Man, and hear about how his ability to withstand extreme temperatures caught the attention of scientists all over the world, who began to study his physiology and his methods. 

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Deepak Chopra on The Science of Reality

How does a deeper understanding of reality – from how a butterfly sees to the nature of the quantum vacuum – help us fulfill our dreams? Listen to this mind-bending lecture by the world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, Deepak Chopra. 

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Learn to Human Better

Lauren Handel Zander has helped motivate thousands of people to drop their excuses, dream big, and live into those dreams. In today’s episode, Lauren talks about how loving, radical self-honesty might also be the secret to lifelong happiness. 

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What is "Normal" Health? with Dr. Mark Hyman

Functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman is here to help us have more meaningful and productive conversations with our doctors. For today’s episode, we treat you to a sample of his Commune course “Hacking Your Healthcare,” which is all about asking for the right tests and understanding the results through the lens of optimal health.

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