About Commune


Commune is also a community platform for personal and societal well-being. We create video courses and podcasts with the world’s greatest teachers across yoga and fitness, mindfulness, food and health, sustainability, and civic engagement. Learn more at onecommune.com.

Jeff Krasno, Co-Founder & CEO of Commune

Provided Photo / Jeff Krasno

Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Commune and host of the Commune podcast. He is also the co-founder of Wanderlust and built the company as co-CEO for 9 years. He now serves as Executive Chairman.

Jeff has written two books for Rodale: Wanderlust: Find Your True North featured over 70 contributions from luminaries across the wellness space and has been translated into 4 languages. Find Your True Fork is a cookbook featuring well-known, health-focused chefs.

Jeff sits on the Pure Edge board of directors and is part of the SuperSoul 100, a group of 100 top entrepreneurs handpicked by Oprah Winfrey. His wife, Schuyler, is a respected yoga teacher and is also a co-founder of Commune and Wanderlust. They live in Los Angeles with their three daughters and four chickens.