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Beyond Recovery with Tommy Rosen

The drug and opioid epidemic in America is no secret, with addiction hitting close to home for so many of us. In today’s episode we talk with addiction recovery expert, Tommy Rosen about a more holistic approach to long-term recovery. 

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Combating Stress with Brendon Burchard

Learning to manage stress and stop overwhelm might feel impossible, but with the right tools you can foster a dramatically healthier mindset  improve your psychological and physical health. Brendon Burchard is a world-renowned high performance coach, and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. In today's episode, we share a lecture on managing stress from his onecommune.com course: The Wellness Master Class. Get ready to take some notes, because if you let it, this lecture might just be the push you need to get your overwhelm under control. 

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Into The Ice with Wim Hof

Get ready for an ice bath! Cold exposure is not only good training for the mind, but also has incredible health benefits on a cellular level. Meet Wim Hof, aka The Ice Man, and hear about how his ability to withstand extreme temperatures caught the attention of scientists all over the world, who began to study his physiology and his methods. 

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Deepak Chopra on The Science of Reality

How does a deeper understanding of reality – from how a butterfly sees to the nature of the quantum vacuum – help us fulfill our dreams? Listen to this mind-bending lecture by the world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, Deepak Chopra. 

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Learn to Human Better

Lauren Handel Zander has helped motivate thousands of people to drop their excuses, dream big, and live into those dreams. In today’s episode, Lauren talks about how loving, radical self-honesty might also be the secret to lifelong happiness. 

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What is "Normal" Health? with Dr. Mark Hyman

Functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman is here to help us have more meaningful and productive conversations with our doctors. For today’s episode, we treat you to a sample of his Commune course “Hacking Your Healthcare,” which is all about asking for the right tests and understanding the results through the lens of optimal health.

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The Solution to Meditation Hesitation?

Meet Emily Fletcher, meditation teacher and founder of the Ziva Technique. Even though so many of us feel like we SHOULD be meditating, we’re still not making time for it. With a simple shift in perspective, Emily and Jeff break down the barriers to entry for meditation.  

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Marianne Williamson on Spirituality Over Ambition

Running for President of the United States might seem like one of the most ambitious things a person could do, but Marianne Williamson sees it differently.  While she lives a life of great achievement, she also lives a very spiritual life, not where she is making something happen, but where she is allowing everything to happen. In this episode Marianne teaches about how ambition gets in the way of spiritual transmission. 

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Redefining Leadership: Block, Build, Be

When is it time to combine purpose with action? Even when we know what matters and what changes we’d like to see in the world, how we get there and how we implement them are critical parts of successfully affecting that change. 

In today’s special lecture from One Commune teacher Suzanne Sterling, we begin to learn ways to fashion a world of intention, connection, and equality.

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Redefining Leadership: Finding Your Voice

How can we find our voice, and work to unpack the cycles of silencing our bodies have experienced? What does it take to hone our ability to speak out, and speak for those still suffering? Take a listen to this inspiring lecture by teacher Suzanne Sterling, from the One Commune course, Redefining Leadership. 

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Redefining Leadership: How Trauma Shapes Us

If we can identify and process our own traumas, using their presence to probe our own perspectives and beliefs, we can connect to the same root causes in others and see the world from viewpoints we never considered.

In this special lecture from the One Commune course Redefining Leadership, join teacher Hala Khouri as we work to bring healing and comfort to all places and perspectives, giving others what they need to be whole. 

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Redefining Leadership: Stress and the Body-Mind Balance

If you’ve ever been faced with a dangerous situation, chances are you’ve felt the build up of anxious energy and a rush of adrenaline. We need to release that stored energy, allowing ourselves to feel the full scope of our experience. By opening up and getting it out, we turn painful baggage into a source of strength. Enjoy this special lecture episode from teacher Hala Khouri, from the One Commune Course out now: Redefining Leadership. 

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Redefining Leadership: Spirit, Power, and Intention

Identifying divinity in ourselves, seeing that same source in others, and developing empathy is critical if we are to lead effectively. By seeing the world from the perspective of others, we can bring new depth to our own choice and actions.  Enjoy this special lecture from teacher Seane Corn, from the One Commune Course out now: Redefining Leadership. 

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Redefining Leadership: Do the Work

When we use our internal journey as the basis for an active, positive, and innovative participation with others, we can  lead with intention, find greater connection, and take actions that embody our love.  Join Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Khouri for a special peek into their One Commune Course: Redefining Leadership.

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The Superpower of Trauma

We have the power to resolve our traumas with mindful, embodied practices; break free from our past, find happiness in our present, and become better leaders.

The Leadership Within

The world is in crisis and humankind is searching for its next class of leaders. How can we develop tools for leading with humility and love?

Valentine's Day Special

Part love-story and part practical advice, Commune co-founders Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant invite you into their world of shared businesses, three daughters, and 30 years of marriage. What does it take to keep a partnership healthy when the goal isn't work-life balance, but rather work-life integration?

Open Your Breath, Open Your Life

How can we access extraordinary states of consciousness without using mind-altering drugs? The answer is as simple as the air we breath. By altering our breath, we can reveal suppressed nonverbal memories and connect to the dynamic stillness behind our thinking minds. In today’s episode, breathwork teacher Scott Schwenk explains how this ancient practice can deeply transform our quality of life.

Tapping into Healing

After years of struggling with anxiety attacks, drug abuse, and PTSD, Jennifer Partridge discovered tapping, which draws on modern psychology, Chinese medicine and neuroscience. She witnessed a change within herself and dedicates her life to helping others heal through tapping. Learn all about this powerful healing modality!

Rewire & Resolve: The Brain Science of Making Better Choices

What can we learn from modern neuroscience about achieving our highest potential? In this week’s episode, we go deep into the human psyche — literally. Meet Professor Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist and business professor who uses a truly groundbreaking process to observe the human brain directly from within.